Projet de recherche doctoral numero :3645


Date depot: 1 janvier 1900
Titre: Accounting, Pricing and Billing in inter-Cloud environment
Directeur de thèse: Maurice GAGNAIRE (LTCI (EDMH))
Domaine scientifique: Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication
Thématique CNRS : Non defini

Resumé: This PhD aims to the design and to the evaluation of new accounting, billing and pricing strategies for elastic services in a multi-cloud environment. In single Cloud environment, computing requests are generated randomly by the end-users and submitted to a Web portal managed by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). When a CSP receives a client request (or job), a resource allocation algorithm is activated in order to determine where physically this request will be served. Typically, the resource allocation consists in assigning on-the-fly a certain number of Virtual Machines (VM) and memory disk space able to satisfy the jobs generated by the end-users. Different Physical Machines (PM) may host the single or multiple VMs required to satisfy a given job. The Virtualization concept inherent to Cloud Computing is related to the fact these PMs are geographically distributed at different sites (called clusters) in the Internet. More precisely, a CSP has in charge to assign to each job the right number of required VMs, all the VMs required by a given job being located on the same cluster. Globally, the PMs used by the various jobs may be located at remote sites. In terms of taxonomy, accounting, pricing and billing are three different but complementary concepts that target to charge the end-users to the benefit of both the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) while guaranteeing the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the end-users. If there is still some work to do for specifying the accounting and pricing strategies in single Cloud environment, the originality of this thesis is to focus of the multi-Cloud (or federated Cloud) environment. Basically, the problem consists in determining the PMs on which the number of required VMs will be activated to satisfy a job, but in knowing that the geographical localization of the PMs may be chosen between various CSPs. A form of analogy can be established between the concept of multi-Cloud and the concept of inter-domain in networking. In this matter, the standardization of the SLAs is mandatory in order to enable interoperability between different CSPs. Our objective is to design accounting and pricing strategies suited to the multi-Cloud environment.

Doctorant.e: El Zant Bassem