Projet de recherche doctoral numero :6831


Date depot: 14 février 2020
Titre: Advanced Security Testing of modern Web Applications
Directeur de thèse: Davide BALZAROTTI (Eurecom)
Domaine scientifique: Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication
Thématique CNRS : Non defini

Resumé: This thesis will presents the research challenges and objectives related to security testing for web applications. SAP et EURECOM will supervise the thesis of Mr Feras Al-Kassar on this subject. He will study (i) how to measure security testing techniques aiming to detect web application vulnerabilities, (ii) why some vulnerabilities are so difficult to be detected, and (ii) some solutions to detect these hard-to-find vulnerabilities. SAP will be early adopter of the research results generated during this thesis

Doctorant.e: Al Kassar Feras