Projet de recherche doctoral numero :8526


Date depot: 12 avril 2023
Titre: Temporal inconsistencies detection in temporal Knowledge base and its reparation
Directrice de thèse: Salima BENBERNOU (LIPADE)
Encadrant : Mourad OUZIRI (LIPADE)
Domaine scientifique: Sciences pour l'ingénieur
Thématique CNRS : Données et connaissances

Resumé: Time is crucial in information processing because events occur at specific points in time and also the relationships among objects exist over time. The ability to model this temporal dimension is therefore necessary in real-world applications such as banking, medical records and geographical information systems. Ontologies are a central research topic for the Semantic Web community, where OWL and its various fragments have been adopted as a W3C standard ontology language. OWL is derived from the well known Description Logics <<DLs>> which provide the basic representation features of OWL. Classical ontology languages generally reflect static information and do not support full access to temporal data and all reasoning tasks such as satisfiability problems, query answering etc. A major challenge in this task of dealing with temporal information comes from the combined need of modeling it and being able to handle the inefficiency of data, especially when this latter one is inconsistent, i.e, in contradiction with the domain of interest which could also be dynamic. In the thesis, we address the problem of handling inconsistent data in Temporal Description Logic (TDL) knowledge bases. Considering the data part of the knowledge base as the source of inconsistency over time, we would like to propose an ABox repair approach. To do so, our goal is two folds: 1) detect temporal inconsistencies and 2) propose a data temporal reparation.