Projet de recherche doctoral numero :8527


Date depot: 12 avril 2023
Titre: Theoretical Foundations of Blockchain based Multiplayer P2P online Games
Directrice de thèse: Maria POTOP-BUTUCARU (LIP6)
Encadrante : Francesca FOSSATI (LIP6)
Domaine scientifique: Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication
Thématique CNRS : Systèmes et réseaux

Resumé: The new concepts such as Metaverse or Web3 have their roots in Multiplayer Online Games line of research. Traditionally, Multiplayer Online Games have client-server architectures. The design quality of services of these systems include scalability, fast response time, and low cost. In order to respond to these requirements the past research investigated peer-to-peer architectures (structures, unstructured and hybrid) which seemed to be the most suitable due to their distributed and collaborative aspects. It should be noted that P2P architectures have low infrastructure costs and can achieve high scalability and fast response times by creating direct connections between players. However, these architectures met quickly a dead end facing a various challenges including vulnerabilities to churn and cheating. The objectives of the thesis is to propose and prove correct a generic blockchain based architecture for Multiplayer P2P Online Games resilient to cheating, rational and Byzantine behaviors. We will lay down the theoretical aspects of the consistency and resiliency of our architecture. Furthermore, we will use game theory in order to investigate rational behaviors in the proposed architecture. Our architecture will also include mechanism design tools in order to be resilient to cheating, rational and Byzantine behaviors when the preferences of the players are unknown beforehand.